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None of us enjoy having hair grow in places where we don’t want it to grow. And while we manicure, shave, and remove hair from all parts of the body, when it’s growing unwanted on our face, it’s even worse.

The good news is that there are lots of effective hair removal products on the market. The bad news is that unless you remove the hair permanently, it will always grow back.

Not sure which hair removal strategy is right for you? Here are seven proven methods for facial hair removal — and they all work.

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  1. What Type of Facial Hair Do You Have?
  2. DIY Methods You Can Do at Home
  3. Permanent Hair Removal Options
  4. Permanent Hair Removal vs. DIY Hair Removal

What Type of Facial Hair Do You Have?

Deciding how to remove your hair often depends on what type of hair you want to remove.

Most men shave or trim their beards and mustaches at least every few days. Women often pluck theireyebrows, wax their upper lip, and use an epilator to remove those fine hairs and soft peach fuzz from the face.

And both men and women tend to reach for a trimmer to minimizenose hair, sideburn growth, and overgrown eyebrows.

Depending on the type of hair you want to remove, you probably have a preferred at-home method. But is the method you’re using the most effective one? Are you tired of doing it over and over again only to have that hair grow back?

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of every popular facial hair remover:

DIY Methods You Can Do at Home

Before you grab your facial razor, wax strips, tweezers, or other hair removal device, you should know the benefits and drawbacks of each hair removal method and if it’s safe to use on the face.


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The benefits of shaving are that it’s easy, effective, and painless (unless you accidentally cut yourself).

But there are some downsides.

It’s not a one-time thing. If you want to maintain your facial hair, you need to shave on a regular basis. The worst part is that shaving can also causeingrown hairs, which can be painful.


The best part about waxing is that it’s extremely effective. When done properly, a waxed face can stay hair-free for weeks. But there are some drawbacks as well.

For starters, some people think waxing is quite painful. Like shaving, it too can cause ingrown hairs, and if you have sensitive skin, it’s not a good option.

The biggest drawback? Hair needs to be at least a quarter-inch long for the wax to grip effectively, so you’ll have to endure a small amount of regrowth before you can wax again.

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Tweezing is a practical method because you can target the exact hairs that you want to remove. But, the hair-by-hair removal method is time consuming.

Like shaving and waxing, it has to be done repeatedly, and it can also cause ingrown hairs that can become red, unsightly, and painful.

Depilatory Creams

The benefit of using a depilatory cream is that it lasts longer than shaving. And unlike waxing, it’s painless.

But hair removal creams have a tendency to cause redness on the skin, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Why? Because they are full of all sorts ofchemicals!

Before you use a facial hair removal cream, be sure to do a patch test to see how your skin reacts.


Epilators are a quick and efficient way to remove hair, especially from larger areas of the body.

Unfortunately, the results don’t last long, and you’ll have to do it frequently to maintain flawless skin. Depending on the product you use and your threshold for pain, they can sometimes cause discomfort.

Permanent Hair Removal Options

While at-home DIY methods work, none are permanent solutions. If you’re tired of having to groom and remove hair on a regular basis, it may be time to consider a permanent hair removal method instead.

Laser Hair Removal Provides Long-Term Results

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The laser hair removal process involves the use of laser light technology. Lasers emit pulses of light directly into your hair follicle, destroying the hair at the root so it cannot grow back.

Learn more about ourlaser hair removalservices!

Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

One of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal is that it’s very easy.

On small areas, such as the upper lip or between the eyebrows, the entire process only takes a few minutes. However, multiple treatments are necessary to see optimum results.

Preparing for laser hair removalis easy. The most important thing is that you stay out of the sun. Your skin needs to have its natural pigment for the process to be most effective.

It’s also crucial that you don’t wax your skin before treatment. You can shave, but you’ll need to have some amount of hair growth for the laser to target your follicles.

Some people experience some minor redness in the hours immediately following treatment. But a moisturizer with aloe is usually all that’s needed to minimize that discomfort.

For some people, the biggest con of laser hair removal is that it’s not 100% permanent. Depending on your skin type and hair type, you may have to go back for follow-up treatments.

Some people see excellent results, with no growth for months or even years, while others may need an additional treatment here and there. At the very least, laser hair removal will significantly slow hair growth, though it may not remove every unwanted hair forever.

Read more here:Laser Hair Removal FAQs

See Permanent Results With Electrolysis

Electrolysis removes hair permanently. But enduring the sessions is no picnic.

Here’s how it works:

A small needle is inserted into the skin to deliver an electrical current directly to the hair follicle. That current destroys the follicle and prevents hair from ever growing back. Unlike laser hair removal, which targets multiple hairs at a time, electrolysis targets each follicle one at a time.

Pros and Cons of Electrolysis

There is one pro to electrolysis: it is permanent. Once the hair follicle is completely destroyed, the hair will not grow back. And while the method is effective, the cons far outweigh the pros.

Electrolysis involves needles. And we don’t mean one needle to numb the skin. Depending on the area of the face, it could require dozens or even hundreds of needles.

Each needle gets inserted one at a time to destroy every single follicle and remove every strand of hair. Unless you love needles, it’s painful. It’s also extremely time consuming. The larger the area of hair you want to remove, the longer it will take, and the more pain you can expect to endure.

For more information on the pros and cons of electrolysis, check out ourLaser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysiscomparison article.

Which is Better: Permanent Hair Removal or DIY Hair Removal?

7 Proven and Effective Methods for Facial Hair Removal | LaserAll (4)

When it comes to hair removal, there is no permanent method that’s safe to perform at home. Yes, waxing kits, razors, and epilators can provide a smooth finish, but no matter how many times you use them, the hair will grow back. With an at-home method, you’ll never be completely hair-free.

If you’re tired of waxing, shaving, and plucking, it’s time to consider laser hair removal. It’s a faster, less painful process than electrolysis. And though touch-ups and follow up treatments may be required, they’re quick and easy.

Just remember this:

For laser treatment to be safe, it must be performed by an esthetician or certified laser technician. You should never attempt to use an at-home laser treatment method, as you can do permanent damage to the skin.

And if you’re worried about your forehead hair specifically, check out our article about forehead laser hair removal.

DIY hair removal methods work well, but you’ll have to repeat them over and over and over again. If you’re ready to remove your unwanted facial hair forever, laser hair removal is the easiest, quickest, and least painful route to go.

When in doubt, consult with a professional dermatologist.

Looking for laser hair removal services in Colorado? We have locations in Fort Collins, Lakewood, Westminster, and Colorado Springs!

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7 Proven and Effective Methods for Facial Hair Removal | LaserAll (2024)


What is the most effective way to remove facial hair permanently? ›

Electrolysis can permanently remove unwanted hair. Once your hair is gone, you won't need maintenance treatments. It works on all hair types, including light-colored hairs, which lasers cannot remove.

Which method is best for facial hair removal? ›

Waxing is an effective way to remove all the hair in an area that can last for several weeks before you have to repeat the procedure. There are two different types of waxing kits: wax strips that you warm between your hands before applying. wax that's melted in a warmer and then applied to the area with a stick.

What is the best permanent hair removal method for face? ›

Electrolysis Pros and Cons

On one hand, electrolysis produces permanent results, is clinically proven to safely and effectively remove hair, works on all hair and skin types, is safe on sensitive areas like the face, and can be cheaper than other methods.

How to remove facial hair permanently without electrolysis? ›

Depilatory creams

These creams can remove facial hair without causing any pain. They contain chemicals that break down keratin bonds of the hair, making the hair so weak that it can be wiped or rinsed off. They are inexpensive and easily available.

What is the best hair removal for peach fuzz on face? ›


A more recent trend is at-home dermaplane razors aka eyebrow razors that you use yourself. These stick razors are scraped along the contours of your face to exfoliate and get rid of the peach fuzz for a smooth, glowing skin surface.

Should a woman pluck or shave facial hair? ›

This depends on the area you want to remove hair from. It's better to pluck your eyebrow area as it's more intricate, but shaving is generally a better women's facial hair removal technique for everywhere else. Shaving unwanted facial hair is faster, pain-free, and less irritating than plucking.

What is better for facial hair removal laser or electrolysis? ›

Electrolysis requires more and longer sessions, with full results seen in closer to 18 months; those results, however, last longer and require fewer touch-ups. This is because electrolysis actually stops hair growth, while laser hair removal steadily slows growth and thins hair over time.

What vitamins stop facial hair growth? ›

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E

Dietary supplements that contain vitamins B6 and E are also believed to help get rid of unwanted hair growth in the facial areas. For one, vitamin B6 is thought to help lower testosterone in women and inhibit prolactin hormone production.

How do I stop my upper lip from growing hair permanently? ›

The only way to permanently eliminate unwanted hair is a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis is performed by inserting a tiny needle into the hair follicle and using an electric current to kill the hair root.

How can I remove facial hair permanently without laser? ›

Laser hair removal is a long-term but not a permanent method for hair removal. If a person wants to remove their facial hair permanently, they can try electrolysis. Electrolysis destroys the growth of the hair at the base of the hair follicle, which means the hair is unable to grow back.

What is the longest lasting hair removal method? ›

Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal and involves the actual destruction of the follicle. 1 While it has one of the best track records, it is worth noting that multiple sessions are needed in order to achieve optimal results.

Is electrolysis better than laser? ›

Laser therapy and electrolysis both produce longer-lasting effects compared to shaving. But electrolysis seems to work the best. The results are more permanent. Electrolysis also carries fewer risks and side effects, and you don't need the maintenance treatments required for laser hair removal.

How can I remove unwanted hair permanently from my face naturally? ›

Oatmeal scrub: Oatmeal is a perfect natural exfoliator that can lighten your growth and remove unwanted hair. Blend oatmeal into a fine powder and mix it with honey & lemon juice to form a thick paste. Leave the pack on your skin for 15-20 minutes and then rub off in the opposite direction. Rinse off with warm water.

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