Can I Use Epilator on Privates? (2024)

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What is an epilator?

Can I Use Epilator on Privates? (1)

An epilator is any device that removes body hair by pulling it out from the roots. Small and portable epilators can easily be used on privates.

It’s not necessary to remove the hair in your bikini area to keep your body clean. Pubic hair removal is a personal preference. Though there are no known health benefits of removing pubic hair, many people use epilators on pubic hair to promote personal hygiene. Common hair removal methods include shaving, waxing, and plucking using an epilator.

An epilator is any device that removes body hair by pulling it out from the roots. Epilators take more time and effort to use than razors. However, the results last longer than when you shave. You can use epilators at home for normal hair removal or get more specialized treatment at a clinic. Small and portable epilators can easily be used on privates.

Types of epilators

Epilators can be classified according to how they operate. The following are some examples of commonly used epilators.

Spring-type epilators.The first-ever epilator was a spring type. This traditional device has metal coils that rotate and move to squeeze the coils together and then apart. This way, the spaces created grab hairs, pull them out, and then open up to release the hairs. Although fairly effective, you need to keep replacing the springs on these epilators as they are easily worn out. Another downside that prompted the development of better epilators is that the springs can pinch your skin. You also have to move it repeatedly across the same area to remove all the hair.

Rotating disc or tweezer epilators. The rotating or spinning disc epilator works by plucking hair like the spring epilator. However, this version has little disks that clamp together like tweezers. These disks rotate while grabbing hair and then pulling it off your skin. There are types of tweezer epilators specified for dry or wet use. The latter can be used safely in the shower. It helps to remove body hair when it’s moist to reduce pain. Epilating in the shower also helps rinse and soothe the skin.

Needle epilators.These epilators are more complicated and often require a licensed professional to operate. They are the type of epilators used for electrolysis or electrology. Needle epilators work by passing a small amount of electricity into each hair follicle using a very fine needle. This action destroys the follicle, causing your hair to fall out.

There are also hair removal devices that use laser technology to deliver an intense beam of light that goes through your skin to destroy the hair follicle. Although this type of hair removal can be used on any part of the body, laser epilators are ideal for use on smaller areas such as facial hair, armpit hair, ?bikini line, etc. It is also very effective but may carry a number of risks. Before you book an appointment for laser hair removal, ask about all possible risks and side effects.

Is it safe to epilate pubic hair?

Most epilators are safe for use on sensitive parts of the body. However, it is important to know their risks and limits. It also depends on how much hair you have and how much you want to remove.

While electrolysis epilation is permanent and expensive, it may take repeated treatments to achieve full hair removal. Appointments can be as often as every week or every other week. You’ll need to consult your electrologist to plan the course of your treatment. The frequency and length of sessions differ from person to person, depending on such factors as the site of hair removal and how much hair is treated.

Benefits of using an epilator

Compared to other methods of hair removal, epilators have several advantages. Some of them include:

  • Long-lasting smooth skin
  • Quicker and less messy
  • Usable on almost your whole body
  • Easy to operate
  • Some can be used in the shower
  • Very efficient
  • Small epilators are portable and convenient
  • You don’t have to use shaving products that are harsh on your skin

Risks of epilating on privates

Although rare, some epilators can cause unpleasant reactions after use. The following are some of the minor risks associated with epilating:

  • Skin redness
  • Swollen or inflamed skin
  • Scarring
  • Keloid scars
  • Tender skin
  • Changes in skin color

Needle epilators can also cause infection if the electrolysis isn’t performed properly. To reduce the chance of infection, ensure you sterilize your tweezers and other plucking devices with rubbing alcohol before and after using them.

How to epilate pubic hair without pain

In most cases, using an epilator will cause a little pain. But this should not discourage you from trying a commercial epilator. If you’re considering electrolysis, general anesthesia will help with the pain. For tweezer epilators, wet types are the best as you can use them when in the shower to minimize the pain of plucking.

Besides the pain, it is also possible that you’ll get a few ingrown hairs. However, it’s most likely to happen if the hair you’re plucking breaks off below the skin. Other people get red bumps due to the swelling and irritation of the hair follicle. However, this is just a temporary reaction that can be soothed using aftershave. Despite their effectiveness, epilators may not be the best choice for removing hair from your eyebrows. These devices are designed to grab a bunch of hairs at the same time, so it helps to know that using them in some areas could cause more pain than in others.

You are guaranteed permanent results using electrolysis, but you’ll have to pay more and spend more time on treatment. It’s your best bet for hair removal in small and sensitive areas such as the upper lip, underarms, and eyebrows. Most of the risks are manageable, and the process is well-tolerated if done by a professional.

Also, to minimize the risk of inflammation, it is best to epilate hours before going out. It will reduce irritation caused by clothing rubbing on your skin. If you have any inflammation after treatment, use cold packs. It also helps to avoid direct sunlight before treatment.

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Can I Use Epilator on Privates? (2024)
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