IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

Date Opponent Result/Time

NOVEMBER9 Michigan State Open NTS18 at Wabash W, 49-0 vs. Manchester W, 58-023 Missouri Open NTS Hoosier Duals29 OHIO W, 38-3 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE W, 46-3 RUTGERS W, 29-9 LIBERTY W, 29-3 CUMBERLANDS W, 36-6DECEMBER5-6 Las Vegas Open T-9th/44, 69.0 F.i.T.e. Duals 21 vs. Eastern Michigan W, 31-6 vs. Harper W, 50-3 vs. Wisconsin-Whitewater W, 32-729-30 Midlands 13th/47, 37.0

JANUARY10-11 National Duals vs. Iowa State L, 0-35 vs. Boise State/Wisconsin L, 15-19 iu QuaD 18 GARDNER-WEBB W, 43-3 AMERICAN W, 24-11 CLARION W, 49-023 PENN STATE* 7 p.m.30 at Ohio State* 7 p.m.

FEBRUARY1 at Michigan* 2 p.m.6 PURDUE* 7 p.m.13 at Illinois* 7 p.m.15 NORTHWESTERN* 2 p.m.20 IOWA* 7 p.m.22 at Minnesota* 2 p.m. MARCH7-8 Big Ten Championships All Day19-21 NCAA Championships All Day

Home matches in CAPS* - Indicates Big Ten match- all times local

Friday, Jan. 23University Gym | Bloomington, Ind.

#21 Indiana University Hoosiers (13-2)vs.

#14 Penn State University Nittany Lions (7-6)

LIVE on the Big Ten Network - 7 p.m.Play-by-play: Tim Johnson

Color commentary: Ken Chertow


E-mAIL - [emailprotected] • offICE - (812) 855-4770 • IuHoosIErs.Com




The #21 Indiana University wrestling team begins the conference season in a big way, hosting #14 Penn State in front of a national audience on the Big Ten Network. The Hoosiers, coming off a 3-0 weekend at the IU Quad, are looking for their first ever victory over the Nittany Lions as Penn State holds a 9-0 advantage in the all-time series. PROBABLE MATCH-UPS125 lbs.- #4 Angel Escobedo (13-1) vs. #19 Brad Pataky (19-5)133 lbs.- Matt Ortega (19-5) vs. #11 Jake Strayer (10-3)141 lbs.- Hernandez (12-7)/Kelly (14-13) vs. Frank Molinaro (15-7)149 lbs.- Nick Walpole (21-12) vs. #2 Bubba Jenkins (18-0)157 lbs.- Coughlin (16-7)/#12 Kinser (12-2) vs. #8 Dan Vallimont (13-4)165 lbs.- Paul Young (22-7) vs. Mark Friend (3-10)174 lbs.- #17 Trevor Perry (21-8) vs. #14 Quentin Wright (20-6)184 lbs.- Eric Cameron (19-10) vs. Bomberger (6-6)/Decker (6-6)197 lbs.- Matt Powless (14-8) vs. Clay Steadman (4-12)HWT- Nate Everhart (17-11) vs. Cameron Wade (11-8)


Indiana University Assistant Director of Athletics Communications Kyle Kuhlman is the primary media relations contact for the Indiana wrestling team. He can be reached via phone (812-855-4770) or e-mail ([emailprotected]).

Friday-Sunday, Jan. 30-Feb.1 St. John Arena | Columbus, Ohio

Cliff Keen Arena | Ann Arbor, Mich.

Friday- #21 Indiana at #5 Ohio State, 7 p.m. ESTSaturday- #21 Indiana at #17 Michigan, 2 p.m. EST



IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

Overall Dual Big Ten Dual DualWt. Name Record Record Record Pts-IU Pts-Opp TF MD Pins125 Escobedo 13-1 13-1 0-0 61 3 2 1 6125 Fike 4-6 1-0 0-0 6 0 0 0 4125 Tanner 1-6 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0133 Capezio 12-8 0-0 0-0 0 0 3 1 2133 Ortega 19-5 14-1 0-0 77 6 4 0 10141 Hernandez 12-7 10-3 0-0 42 10 4 1 3141 Kelly 14-13 1-2 0-0 3 6 1 0 0141 Viterisi 14-11 0-0 0-0 0 0 2 1 2149 Monaco 13-4 0-0 0-0 0 0 1 0 1149 ramos 10-2 0-0 0-0 0 0 2 0 2149 Walpole 21-12 9-3 0-0 46 9 1 0 12149 Warren 10-8 2-0 0-0 11 0 1 1 4157 Coughlin 16-7 9-4 0-0 41 12 0 1 6157 Kinser 12-2 2-0 0-0 12 0 1 0 5157 Konz 10-5 0-0 0-0 0 0 1 0 2165 C. samuels 10-7 0-0 0-0 0 0 3 0 2165 K. Samuels 2-3 1-1 0-0 3 4 1 0 0165 Young 22-7 11-2 0-0 48 7 5 2 8174 Avery 6-7 1-0 0-0 3 0 0 0 0174 Perry 21-8 10-4 0-0 43 12 3 0 7184 Cameron 19-10 10-2 0-0 37 6 3 1 3184 Coffey 3-2 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 1184 Parker 6-3 2-0 0-0 6 0 0 0 2197 Kuhn 11-8 6-2 0-0 29 7 0 1 2197 Malone 13-10 0-1 0-0 0 3 1 0 7197 Powless 14-8 6-1 0-0 22 3 2 1 1285 Cook 9-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 2285 Everhart 17-11 9-6 0-0 38 21 1 1 3

iTaliCs indicate wrestlers that have only competed unattached in 2008-09



IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

BIG TEN DUAL MATCH RESULTS 1/23 1/30 2/1 2/6 2/13 2/15 2/20 2/22Wt. Name PSU OSU MICH PURDUE ILL NW IOWA MINN


11/18 11/18 11/29 11/29 11/29 11/29 11/29 12/21Wt. Name Wabash Manchester Ohio SDSU Rutgers Liberty Cumberlands EMU W, 49-0 W, 58-0 W, 38-3 W, 46-3 W, 29-9 W, 29-3 W, 29-3 W, 36-6 125 Escobedo F, 1:52 F, 1:32 F, 5:22 TF, 18-3 D, 2-0 D, 1-0 - MD, 15-6125 Fike - - - - - - F, 5:41 -133 Ortega F, 2:11 F, 2:47 F, 5:34 FF MD, 12-3 D, 4-2 F, 1:32 F, 6:12 141 Hernandez TF, 17-0 MD, 15-2 MD, 11-0 F, 4:47 MD, 8-0 D, 4-2 MD, 16-5 D, 10-4149 Kelly - - - - - - 0-6, D -149 Walpole - - MD, 8-0 F, 1:40 FF D, 6-4 - F, 4:35149 Warren TF, 18-0 F, 1:04 - - - - - -157 Coughlin F, 2:51 F, 1:11 F, 4:46 D, 7-4 5-6, D D, 3-2 TF, 17-0 7-10, D157 Kinser - - - - - - - -165 K. Samuels - - - - - - - -165 Young F, 1:09 F, 1:00 D, 4-0 F, 3:27 D, 7-1 MD,15-3 TF, 17-0 D, 9-2174 Avery - - - - - - D, 6-1 -174 Perry D, 13-10 F, 5:40 5-8, D D, 7-4 D, 8-3 D, 2-1 - D, 8-3184 Cameron - - D, 4-2 F, 4:26 D, 7-2 D, 3-1 - 2-3, D184 Parker D, 6-3 - - - - - D, 4-2 -197 Malone - - - - - - 6-12, D -184/97 Powless - F, 0:30 D, 6-2 - - MD, 10-2 - -197 Kuhn FF F, 2:35 - TF, 17-0 D, 7-2 - - D, 3-1285 Everhart D, 6-0 F, 2:30 D, 2-0 1-3, D 5:37, F 3-4, D TF, 17-1 D, 8-3

12/21 12/21 1/10 1/10 1/18 1/18 1/18 Wt. Name Harper UW-W Iowa St. Wisc. GW AU Clarion W, 50-3 W, 32-7 L, 0-35 L, 15-19 W, 43-4 W, 24-11 W, 49-0125 Escobedo F, 0:59 MD, 9-1 1-3, D 3-1, D F, 2:14 D, 3-1 F, 2:15125 Fike - - - - - - -133 Ortega F, 2:42 F, 2:39 4:44, F F, 3:34 F, 1:08 MD, 9-1 F, 1:59141 Hernandez F, 0:25 D, 4-0 2-4, D 4-13, MD - 7-9, D -149 Kelly - - - - 6-7, D - D, 3-1149 Walpole F, 2:04 F, 1:42 0-3, D 3-6, D D, 6-3 2-7, D F, 6:17149 Warren - - - - - - -157 Coughlin 1-3, D D, 10-7 1-3, D D, 3-2 F, 1:51 - -157 Kinser - - - - - F, 4:46 F, 1:52165 K. Samuels D, 3-1 1-10, MD - - - - -165 Young - - 0-9, MD 6-8, D F, 1:51 MD, 11-3 MD, 15-6174 Avery - - - - - - -174 Perry F, 0:40 MD, 14-3 1-2, D 5-8, D F, 2:10 0-1, D F, 0:50184 Cameron TF, 22-7 D, 9-4 0-2, D D, 6-1 MD, 10-0 D, 12-2 D, 3-1184 Parker - - - - - - -197 Malone - - - - - - -184/97 Powless - 6-9, D - - D, 7-3 D, 8-6 D, 2-0197 Kuhn FF - 0-9, MD 0-5, D - - -285 Everhart FF D, 3-0 1-3, D 0-5, D D, 2-1 2-3, D F, 4:31


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

THE BIG TEN CONFERENCEBIG TEN STANDINGS BIG TEN OVERALLTeam W L T Pct. W L T Pct.Iowa 0 0 0 .000 15 0 0 1.000Illinois 0 0 0 .000 7 0 0 1.000Purdue 0 0 0 .000 11 1 0 .917Ohio State 0 0 0 .000 8 1 0 .889Indiana 0 0 0 .000 13 2 0 .867Michigan State 0 0 0 .000 5 2 0 .714Northwestern 0 0 0 .000 7 3 0 .700Minnesota 0 0 0 .000 9 4 0 .692Wisconsin 0 0 0 .000 6 3 0 .667Penn State 0 0 0 .000 7 6 0 .538Michigan 0 0 0 .000 4 4 0 .500

BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP INFORMATIONWHAT- 2008-09 Big Ten Wrestling ChampionshipWHERE- Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pa.WHEN- March 7-8, 2009WHY- To determine the best wrestlers in the Big Ten ConferenceWHO- Hosted by Penn State, additional information can be found at:

NAME Pre. 11/11 11/18 11/26 12/2 12/9 12/16 12/23 1/6 1/13 1/20INDIANA 16 16 18 18 19 18 18 18 19 20 21Coughlin 14 - - - - - - - - - -Escobedo 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 4Everhart 14 15 15 16 - - - - - - -Hernandez 11 12 12 9 7 13 13 13 19 19 -Kinser 9 9 9 9 9 12 11 11 11 12 12Perry - - - - - 13 13 12 12 16 17


RECRUITING CLASS RANKED #17Head Coach Duane Goldman and his staff inked a pair of highly-touted recruits in the early sign-ing period. W.i.N. Magazine tabbed Indiana’s recruiting class No. 17 in their early recruiting rankings.

Max Ortega, projected in the 141-149 lbs. range, is a four-time New Mexico state champion from Rio Rancho High School. Sound familiar? That’s because Max’s older brother, Matt, was also a four-time New Mexico state champion and is currently a redshirt freshman on the Hoosier wrestling squad. Goldman also snagged a big-time recruit from the Empire State, signing two-time New York state champion Ryan LeBlanc. LeBlanc hails from Morrisville-Eaton H.S.

KELLY PLACES AT MIDLANDSSenior Scott Kelly earned a spot on the Midlands stand, placing eighth in the 141-lbs. division. Kelly faced four nationally-ranked opponents en route to his eighth place showing. He not only

defeated #17 Alex Krom of Maryland, 4-2, but also pushed #1 Alex Tsirtis (Iowa) and #8 ryan Williams (old dominion) to the limits by dropping 0-2 and 0-1 decisions to each, respectively.

HOOSIERS: RELOADEDIndiana returns six of eight NCAA Qualifiers from a year ago, including defending 125-lbs. national champion Angel Escobedo and former All-Americans Andrae Hernandez and Matt Cough-lin. Trevor Perry, Kurt Kinser and Nate Everhart are also back for the Cream and Crimson this season after advancing to the national tourna-ment in ‘08.

Escobedo is a two-time All-American, finishing in fourth place as a freshman before climbing to the top of the stand to end his sophom*ore campaign. Hernandez notched an eighth place showing as a sophom*ore while Coughlin came in at seventh that same season as a freshman.

ANGEL EARNS WEEKLY HONORAngel Escobedo was named the Big Ten Wres-tler of the Week on Tuesday (Jan. 20) after re-cording an unblemished 3-0 slate while aiding the Hoosiers to a 3-0 sweep at the IU Quad.

The Griffith, Ind., native tallied two pins on the day, including a first-period pin of 20th-ranked Jay Ivanco of Clarion.

GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVEOptions are aplenty for Head Coach Duane Gold-man in the middle weights. At 157 pounds, Gold-man has a former All-American in Matt Coughlin in one hand and the pin-machine himself Kurt Kinser in the other hand. On most teams, one or the other would simply go up to 165 lbs., but in Bloomington Paul Young and his 22-7 record await in that weight class. Indiana’s middle-weight talent thickens as you move up to 174 lbs., where Trevor Perry reigns with his #17 na-tional ranking. And don’t forget Nick Walpole at 149 as he’s racked up 21 wins and 12 thus far iin ‘08-09.

ORTEGA IS OUTSTANDINGRedshirt freshman Matt Ortega has gotten off to quite a start to his career, winning 14 of his first 15 bouts in the dual match lineup. Not only has the Ortega had his hand raised, but he has also racked up tons of bonus points. His +71 dual match point differential is tops on the team, coming via 10 pins and two major decisions.

HEY Dj, S(PIN) THAT RECORDBy season’s end, upto four current Hoosiers have a good chance of all being in the all-time top-10 for career pins in IU history. Angel Es-cobedo and his 28 career falls are already there, slotted fifth al-time. Kurt Kinser and Trevor Perry are each just one pin away from also cracking the top-10 with 23 career falls apiece. If either of them were to reach 24 pins, they would pull even with Patt Cassidy (1997-2000) for 10th place all-time. Nick Walpole sits right behind that duo with 22 career falls.

Twelve of Walpole’s 22 pins have come this season, giving him a share of 10th place on the single-season falls list with 10 Big Ten matches and postseason action still coming. The all-time record is 19, set by Rod Chamberlin in 1981.


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

TOURNAMENT RESULTS 11/1 11/9 11/23 12/5-6 12/14 12/29-30 1/18Wt. Name EMU Mich. St. Mizzou Vegas CSU Midlands Kent St.125 Fike - 2-2 - 1-2 - 0-2 -125 Tanner 0-2 1-2* 0-2* - - - - 133/41 Capezio 4th, 4-2* 1-2* 3-2* - 0-2 - 1st, 4-0133 Ortega - 1-2 - 4-2 - - -141 Hernandez - - - 2-2 - 0-2 -141 Kelly 1-2 1-2 2-2 - 4th, 5-2 8th, 5-3 -141/49 Monaco 1st, 4-0* 2-1* - - 6th, 3-1 - 5th, 4-2141 Viterisi 2-2* 1-2* 5th, 3-2* - 4-2 - 6th, 4-3149 Ramos - 3rd, 6-1* 2nd, 4-1* - - - -149 Walpole 3-2 2nd, 3-1 4th, 4-2 1-2 - 1-2 -149 Warren 5th, 4-2 1-2 - - 2-2 1-2 -157 Coughlin - 1-0 - - 2nd, 4-1 2-2 -157 Kinser - 1st, 5-0 - 7th, 4-2 - - -157 Konz 3rd, 5-1* 4-2* - - - - 1-2165/74 Avery 5th, 3-2 1-2 1-2 - - 0-2 -165 C. Samuels - 4th, 4-2* 1-2* - 6th, 2-2 - 2nd, 3-1165 K. Samuels - 1-2 - - - - -165 Young - 4th, 4-1 - 4-2 - 3-2 -174 Perry - 3rd, 4-1 - 3rd, 5-1 - 2-2 -184 Cameron 2-2 4th, 3-2 - 3-2 - 1-2 -184 Coffey - - - - 3-2 - -184 Parker - 6th, 4-3 - - - - -184/97 Powless - - 2-2 8th, 4-3 - 2-2 -197 Kuhn - 2-2 - - 3-2 0-2 -197 Malone 2nd, 3-1* 5th, 4-2* 6th, 3-2* - 0-2 - 5th, 3-2285 Cook - 1st, 5-0* 3rd, 4-1* - - - -285 Everhart - 2nd, 3-1 - 3-2 - 2-2 -

*denotes freshman/sophom*ore division

WE ARE fAMILYThe Ortega brothers will be reunited next sea-son, but the 2008-09 Hoosier Wrestling Family also has a few relatives on the roster. Two for-mer All-Americans Angel Escobedo and Andrae Hernandez are first cousins hailing from Griffith, Ind., while the Samuels, Kyle and Cooper, are brothers out of Floyds Knobs, Ind.

CLOSE-KNIT GROUPIn addition to the tightness already established by the family relations mentioned above, many of the current Hoosiers were also high school teammates.

Bloomington South High School and Glenbard north High (Illinois) lead the way with three rep-resentatives each. Kurt Kinser, Paul Young and Nick Viterisi are all former South Panthers while a trio of true freshmen in Geno Capezio, Danny Monaco and Vince Ramos are each ‘08 gradu-ates of Glenbard North.

Also, 125-pounders Wesley Fike and Chris Tan-ner are both products of Penn High School in South Bend, Ind.

HOOSIERS HIT ‘TRIPS’ IN VEGASThree Hoosiers placed at the Las Vegas Open, leading Indiana to a 9th-place showing (out of 44 teams). Iu finished in front of Big Ten foes Illinois, Ohio State and Wisconsin.

Trevor Perry won five of six matches to earn third place with his only defeat coming by the hands of the event champion. Kurt Kinser and Matt Powless each grabbed four ‘W’s in the competition, finishing in seventh and eighth, re-spectively.

fRESHMEN EXCEL AT MISSOURIThe freshmen showed why they were such a highly-touted recruiting class at the Missouri Open as four different first-year Hoosiers placed in the freshman/sophom*ore divisisions.Vince ramos (2nd), nick Cook (3rd), nick Viterisi (5th) and George malone (6th) each found their way to the stand at the Missouri Open.

IU LAUNCHES IN EAST LANSINGEleven Hoosiers found their way into the top-six at the season-opening Michigan State Open in early November. Kurt Kinser highlighted the group by winning the open division by pinning his finals opponent in just 56 seconds. Nick Cook also came out on top, taking the freshman/sophom*ore heavyweight division to begin his collegiate career.

Nate Everhart and Nick Walpole joined them in the championship matches of their respective open weight divisions, finishing as runner-ups.

SEASON LEADERSWINS1. Paul Young .......................................222. Trevor Perry ....................................21 Nick Walpole ..................................21

TECH FALLS1. Paul Young .........................................2 10 tied at ............................................1

MAJOR DECISIONS1. Paul Young .........................................52. Andrae Hernandez ...........................4 Matt Ortega .......................................4

PINS1. Nick Walpole ..................................122. Matt Ortega .....................................103. Paul Young .........................................8

DUAL-MATCH POINT DIFFERENTIAL1. Matt Ortega .................................. +712. Angel Escobedo .......................... +583. Paul Young .................................... +41

ACTIVE CAREER LEADERSWINS1. Andrae Hernandez .........................902. Angel Escobedo .............................863. Matt Coughlin .................................72

PINS1. Angel Escobedo .............................282. Kurt Kinser.......................................23 Trevor Perry ....................................23


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23


125 LBS 133 LBSAngel Escobedor-Sophom*ore, 125 lbs. Season record: 13-1 (6 pins)Career record: 86-9 (28 pins)Griffith, Ind.Griffith

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Justen Lock Wabash 1:52WON PIN, Jason Ray Manchester 1:32WON PIN, Tim Silvers Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 5:22WON TF, Alan Marvin S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 18-3WON D, Matt Fusco Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 2-0WON D, Joe Pantaleo Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 1-0WON MD, Jordan McGuire E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 15-6WON PIN, Richard Rackley Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 0:58WON MD, Jake Fredrickson UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 9-1LOST D, #5 Tyler Clark Iowa State (National Duals) 1-3WON D, Drew Hammen Wisconsin (National Duals) 3-1WON PIN, Cortney Roberts Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 2:14WON D, Thomas Williams American (IU Quad) 3-1WON PIN, #20 Jay Ivanco Clarion (IU Quad) 2:15

Matt Ortegar- Freshman, 125 lbs.Season record: 19-5 (10 pins)Career record: 19-5 (10 pins) Rio Rancho, N.M. Rio Rancho

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Zach Grove Pittsburgh (MSU Open) 9-4LOST MD, #13 Kyle Hutter Old Dominion (MSU Open) 7-18LOST D, Jason Guffey Bloomsburg (MSU Open) 3-5WON PIN, Andrew Kepchar Wabash 2:11WON PIN, Jeff Willis Manchester 2:47WON PIN, Darrin Boing Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 5:34WON FF S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) FFWON MD, Paul Grogan Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 12-3WON D, Christian Smith Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 4-2WON PIN, Travis Sullivan Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 1:32WON MD, Naveed Bagheri SF State (Vegas Open) 15-4WON D, Quin Leith Cornell (Vegas Open) 11-6LOST D, Cory VomBaur Wyoming (Vegas Open) 4-5WON D, Whitt Dunning Army (Vegas Open) 8-3WON MD, Arsenia Barksdale Adams St. (Vegas Open) 9-1LOST MD, J#19 immy Conroy Pittsburgh (Vegas Open) 1-11WON PIN, Sean Clair E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 6:12WON PIN, Isaiah Recinos Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 2:42WON PIN, Kyle Wacholder UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 2:39LOST PIN, #6 Nick Fanthorpe Iowa State (National Duals) 4:44WON PIN, Tom Kelliher Wisconsin (National Duals) 3:34WON PIN, Matthew Featherston Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 1:08WON MD, Jasen Borschoff American (IU Quad) 9-1WON PIN, Zach Oberlander Clarion (IU Quad) 1:59


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23


141 LBS 141 LBSAndrae Hernandezr-Senior, 141 lbs.Season Record: 12-7 (3 pins)Career record: 90-47 (18 pins)Griffith, Ind.Griffith

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON TF, Ethan Flater Wabash 17-0WON MD, Sam Carsey Manchester 15-2WON MD, Seth Morton Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 11-0WON PIN, Dustin Walraven S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 4:47WON MD, David Greenwald Rugers (Hoosier Duals) 8-0WON D, Frank Gayeski Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 4-2WON MD, Tim Mitchem Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 16-5WON D, Raymond Dunning Adams St. (Vegas Open) 5-4LOST D, Seth Ciasulli Lehigh (Vegas Open) 3-4WON PIN, Chris Davis Sacred Heart (Vegas Open) 6:30LOST D, Chris Diaz Virginia Tech (Vegas Open) 1-3WON D, Corey Phillips E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 10-4WON PIN, Charles Green Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 0:25WON D, Austin Baustista UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 4-0LOST D, Fred Rodgers Rider (Midlands) 2-5LOST D, #8 Ryan Williams Old Dominion (Midlands) 4-7 LOST D, #2 Nick Gallick Iowa State (National Duals) 2-4LOST MD, #5 Zach Tanelli Wisconsin (National Duals) 4-13LOST D, Matthew Mariacher American (IU Quad) 7-9

Scott KellySenior, 141 lbs.Season record: 14-13Career record: 34-58 (1 pin)Carmel, Ind.Carmel

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeLOST D, Zach Donofrio E. Michigan (EMU Open) 5-11WON D, Corey Phillips E. Michigan (EMU Open) 7-6LOST D, Lawrence Cavello Cleveand St. (EMU Open) 3-5LOST D, Joel Trombly Michigan St. (MSU Open) 4-6WON FF, Branden Beasley unattached (MSU Open) FFLOST D, Luke Chohany unattached (MSU Open) 6-7LOST D, Justin Accordino Hofstra (Mizzou Open) 1-4WON D, Josh Dix Lindenwood (Mizzou Open) 4-3WON D, Frederick Wagner Cal Poly (Mizzou Open) 3-2LOST D, Irwin Matt Indianapolis (Mizzou Open) 2-3LOST D, Jeff Steele Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 0-6WON MD, Christian fa*gan Pittsburgh (CSU Open) 11-2WON D, Eric Galka Northwestern (CSU Open) 4-2LOST D, Jeff Shutich C. Michigan (CSU Open) 5-6WON D, Boomer Fetchko Heideberg (CSU Open) 3-1WON D, Casey Gordon Ohio (CSU Open) 4-2WON D, Zach Donofrio E. Michigan (CSU Open) 4-2LOST MD, Jeff Shutich C. Michigan (CSU Open) 0-8WON D, Eric Albright Pittsburgh (Midlands) 6-2LOST D, #1 Alex Tsirtis Iowa (Midlands) 0-2WON D, Dan Ruettiger N. Illinois (Midlands) 5-3WON D, #17 Alex Krom Maryland (Midlands) 4-2WON FF, #2 Corey Jantzen Harvard (Midlands) FFLOST D, #8 Ryan Williams Old Dominion (Midlands) 0-1LOST D, #14 Marcus Hoehn Missouri (Midlands) 2-5LOST D, Rob Tate Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 6-7WON D, Sal Lascari Clarion (IU Quad) 3-1


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23


149 LBS 157 LBSNick WalpoleJunior, 149 lbs.Season record: 21-12 (12 pins)Career record: 49-26 (22 pins)Indianapolis, Ind.Perry Meridian

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, James Forsyth Brockport (EMU Open) 0:43LOST D, #7 Jake Patacsil Purdue (EMU Open) 6-8WON PIN, Rob Yahrmarkt Olivet (EMU Open) 4:47WON PIN, David Cheza Michigan St. (EMU Open) 2:15LOST PIN, by Don Tasser Pittsburgh (EMU Open) 6:47WON D, Alex Warren Indiana (MSU Open) 5-1WON D, Joey Metzler Old Dominion (MSU Open) 4-3WON D, Ryan Cubberly C. Michigan (MSU Open) 7-0LOST MD, Garrett Scott Edinboro (MSU Open) 2-12WON D, Max Shanaman Missouri (Mizzou Open) 5-2LOST D, Quinten Fuentes Oklahoma St. (Mizzou Open) 3-6WON PIN, Luke Elmore C. Oklahoma (Mizzou Open) 2:30WON PIN, Jesse Whitson C. Missouri (Mizzou Open) 2:49WON D, Brandon Wiest Missouri (Mizzou Open) 4-3LOST D, Troy Tirapelle Illinois (Mizzou Open) 2-4WON MD, Matt Reedy Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 8-0WON PIN, Nick Flynn S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 1:40WON FF Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) FFWON D, Tim Harner Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 6-4LOST PIN, #3 Darrion Caldwell NC State (Vegas Open) 0:28WON PIN,GrantDaffin Cornell(VegasOpen) 2:02LOST D, Kevin LeValley Bucknell (Vegas Open) 1-8WON PIN, John Johnson E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 4:35WON PIN, Nate Stedaker Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 2:04WON PIN, Adam Spatchek UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 1:42LOST MD, R.J. Pena unattached (Midlands) 1-10WON PIN, Derek Coorough Iowa (Midlands) 3:26LOST D, Joey Metzler Old Dominion (Midlands) 2-7LOST D, #11 Mitch Mueller Iowa State (National Duals) 0-3LOST D, #6 Kyle Ruschell Wisconsin (National Duals) 3-6WON D, Austin Reece Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 6-3LOST D, #12 Kyle Borschoff American (IU Quad) 2-7WON PIN, Greg Lewis Clarion (IU Quad) 6:17

Matt Coughlinr-Junior, 157 lbs.Season record: 16-7 (6 pins)Career record: 72-34 (15 pins)Evansville, Ind.Mater Dei

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Adam Counterman Pittsburgh (MSU Open) 5-3WON PIN, Justin Michaels Wabash 2:51WON PIN, Matt Joyce Manchester 1:11WON PIN, Clay Tucker Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 4:46WON D, Weston Blasius S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 7-4LOST D, Scott Winson Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 5-6WON D, Shaun Smith Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 3-2WON TF, Justin Swilling Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 17-0WON D, AJ Agazarm Ohio State (CSU Open) 7-3WON D, Frank Sade E. Michigan (CSU Open) 5-2WON PIN, Alex Munoz Pittsburgh (CSU Open) 3:38WON D, Aaron Sulzer E. Michigan (CSU Open) 3-2LOST D, Mallie Shuster Kent State (CSU Open) 4-7LOST D, Joshua Moulton E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 7-10LOST D, Phillip Starnes Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 1-3WON D, Thomas Trieloff UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 10-7WON D, Corey Carlo Cleveland St. (Midlands) 10-5WON PIN, Derek Sickles Columbia (Midlands) 4:58LOST D, #7 Michael Chandler Missouri (Midlands) 1-7LOST D, Scott Winston Rutgers (Midlands) 0-4LO ST D, #5 Cyler Sanderson Iowa State (National Duals) 1-3WON D, Ben Jordan Wisconsin (National Duals) 3-2WON PIN, Justin Guthrie Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 1:51


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23


157 LBS 165 LBSKurt Kinserr-Sophom*ore, 157 lbs.Season record: 12-2 (5 pins) Career record: 44-18 (23 pins)Bloomington, Ind.Bloomington South

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Alexander Munoz Pittsburgh (MSU Open) 0:40WON MD, Lester France E. Michigan (MSU Open) 14-2WON D, Dan Gonsor Virginia (MSU Open) 4-2WON D, #8 Matt Moley Bloomsburg (MSU Open) 3-2 (2OT)WON PIN, Jason Welch Northwestern (MSU Open) 0:56WON PIN, Nick Ross Western St. (Vegas Open) 2:15WON D, Steven De La Fuente Cal St. Fullerston (Vegas Open) 6-0WON D, #17 Matt Dragon Penn (Vegas Open) 5-3LOST D, #6 Jordan Leen Cornell (Vegas Open) 1-6WON D, Joey Wilson Cal Davis (Vegas Open) 4-1LOST D, #16 Chase Pami Cal Poly (Vegas Open) 2-6WON D, #13 Jason Johnstone Ohio State (Vegas Open) 5-4WON PIN, Patrick Graham American (IU Quad) 4:46WON PIN, Hadley Harrison Clarion (IU Quad) 1:52

Paul Youngr-Sophom*ore, 165 lbs.Season record: 22-7 (8 pins) Career record: 34-17 (11 pins)Bloomington, Ind.Bloomington South

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Dustin Doty Cleveland St. (MSU Open) 1:21WON D, Frank Battaglia Northwestern (MSU Open) 10-3WON MD, Tim Darling Penn State (MSU Open) 12-3LOST D, Rex Kendle Michigan St. (MSU Open) 4-6WON D, #17 Ethan Headlee Pittsburgh (MSU Open) 8-6WON PIN, Dan Brown Wabash 1:09WON PIN, Chris Becker Manchester 1:00WON D, Tom Weinkam Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 4-0WON PIN, Cord Willers S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 3:27WON D, Matt Pletcher Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 7-1WON MD, Chad Porter Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 15-3WON TF, Garrett Harrison Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 17-0WON TF, Nick Sasfy Cumberland (Vegas Open) 16-0WON D, Kyle Deberry Arizona St. (Vegas Open) 5-2LOST D, #14 Andy Rendos Bucknell (Vegas Open) 0-5WON PIN, Jarrad Purvis N. M. Highlands (Vegas Open) 0:45WON D, Dustin Noack Cal Davis (Vegas Open) 5-2LOST D, #6 Luke Manuel Purdue (Vegas Open) 0-6WON D, Justin Brandel E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 9-2LOST D, #5 Jon Reader Iowa State (Midlands) 6-7WON PIN, Dan Brascetta Oregon St. (Midlands) 0:41WON PIN, Domnic Marella Northwestern (Midlands) 2:01WON MD, Frank Battaglia Northwestern (Midlands) 11-2LOST D, #10 Trevor Stewart C. Michigan (Midlands) 2-9LOST MD, #9 Jon Reader Iowa State (National Duals) 0-9LOST D, #14 Andrew Howe Wisconsin (National Duals) 6-8WON PIN, David Pelsang Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 1:51WON MD, Chris Strout American (IU Quad) 11-3WON MD, Dominic Ross Clarion (IU Quad) 15-6


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23


174 LBS 184 LBSTrevor Perryr-Junior, 174 lbs.Season record: 21-8 (7 pins) Career record: 64-33 (23 pins)Davison, Mich.Davison

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Don Dryer C. Michigan (MSU Open) 5-2WON D, John Murphy Michigan St. (MSU Open) 6-4LOST MD, #11 Chris Henrich Virginia (MSU Open) 0-11WON MD, Brian Roddy Northwestern (MSU Open) 16-7WON D, Ben Bennett C. Michigan (MSU Open) 4-3WON D, Greg Rhoads Wabash 13-10WON PIN, Roderick Gallegos Manchester 5:40LOST D, Jacob Ison Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 5-8WON D, Justin Retallic S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 7-4WON D, Michael Whalen Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 8-3WON D, Aaron Kelley Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 2-1WON MD, Brandon Lapp Sacred Heart (Vegas Open) 11-3WON D, Shane Onufer Wyoming (Vegas Open) 6-3WON PIN, Tyler French Air Force (Vegas Open) 0:59LOST MD, #1 Steve Luke Michigan (Vegas Open) 4-12WON D, Steve Bosak Cornell (Vegas Open) 4-3WON PIN, #11 Kurt Brenner West Virginia (Vegas Open) 0:45WON D, Chris Eggert E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 8-3WON PIN, Travis Krol Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 0:40WON MD, Jake D’Acqusto UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 14-3LOST PIN, Ben Harris Oregon St. (Midlands) 2:59WON PIN, Mike Kelly Wildcat WC (Midlands) 2:08WON D, Brian Roddy Northwestern (Midlands) 15-12LOST D,ScottGriffin Penn(Midlands) 2-4LOST D, Andrew Sorenson Iowa State (National Duals) 1-2LOST D, Travis Rutt Wisconsin (National Duals) 5-8WON PIN, Vincent Salyer Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 2:10LOST D, #3 Michael Cannon American (IU Quad) 0-1WON PIN, Scott Joseph Clarion (IU Quad) 0:50

Eric Cameronr-Sophom*ore, 184 lbs.Season record: 19-10 (3 pins)Career record: 30-14 (3 pins) Cincinnati, Ohio Moeller

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Russell Kropp Navy (EMU Open) 3:53LOST D, Ian Hinton Michigan St. (EMU Open) 1-3WON D, Ed Boizorik Michigan St. (EMU Open) 9-2LOST D, Zac Thomasette Pittsburgh (EMU Open) 2-6WON PIN, Alek Hughes Cleveland St. (MSU Open) 6:10WON MD, Andy Vaughan Pittsburgh (MSU Open) 19-5LOST PIN, #2 Jake Herbert Northwestern (MSU Open) 1:02WON D, Seth Parker Indiana (MSU Open) 3-0LOST D, Ian Hinton Michigan St. (MSU Open) 2-4WON D, Eric Schuth Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 4-2WON PIN, Jared Aesoph S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 4:26WON D, Keith Dobish Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 7-2WON D, Nick Knowles Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 3-1WON MD, Kenji Porer Columbia (Vegas Open) 16-4LOST PIN, #4 Louis Caputo Harvard (Vegas Open) 2:39WON D, Larry Wilbanks Western State (Vegas Open) 7-3WON D, Jake Meredith Arizona St. (Vegas Open) 5-2LOST PIN, Anthony Biondo Michigan (Vegas Open) 5:01LOST D, Derek Foore E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 2-3WON TF, Danny Miller Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 22-7WON D, David Casper UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 9-4WON D, Kyle Sand Adams St. (Midlands) 5-3LOST PIN, #2 Jake Herbert Northwestern (Midlands) 1:18LOST D, Zac Thomusseit Pittsburgh (Midlands) 1-3LOST D, #20 Jerome Ward Iowa State (National Duals) 0-2WON D, Mike Felling Wisconsin (National Duals) 6-1WON MD, Alex Piasecki Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 10-0WON MD, Anthony Fuschino American (IU Quad) 12-2WON D, Clint Podish Clarino (IU Quad) 3-1


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23


197 LBS HWTMatt Powlessr-Freshman, 184 lbs. Season record: 14-8 (1 pin)Career record: 14-8 (1 pin)Newburgh, Ind.Evansville Memorial

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Jordan Knox Manchester 0:30WON D, Brian Judd Lindenwood (Mizzou Open) 8-2LOST MD, Deron Winn Meramac (Mizzou Open) 7-20WON MD, Tom Edwards McKendree (Mizzou Open) 12-4LOST D, Travis Barbarick C. Missouri (Mizzou Open) 3-9WON D, Chris Iammarino Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 6-2WON MD, Brandon Johnson Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 10-2LOST MD, Cam Simaz Cornell (Vegas Open) 6-20WON TF, Drew Ross N. Dakota St. (Vegas Open) 18-2WON D, John Drake Cal St. Fullerton (Vegas Open) 6-4WON D, Donovan McMahill Western St. (Vegas Open) 8-4WON MD, Rudi Burtschi North Idaho (Vegas Open) 10-2LOST D, Joe Kennedy Lehigh (Vegas Open) 1-7LOST MD, DJ Bruce Virginia Tech (Vegas Open) 3-17LOST D, Karl Voeck UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 6-9WON D, Vince Bordi San Francisco St. (Midlands) 8-2LOST PIN, #7 Hudson Taylor Maryland (Midlands) 4:24WON D, Scott Penny N. Illinois (Midlands) 12-5LOST MD, #11 Andrew Anderson N. Iowa (Midlands) 1-10WON D, Matthias Piasecki Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 7-3WON D, Andrew Silber American (IU Quad) 8-6WON D, Jamie Luckett Clarion (IU Quad) 2-0

Nate EverhartJunior, HeavyweightSeason record: 17-11 (3 pins)Career record: 42-38 (5 pins)Tinley Park, Ill.Andrew

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Cameron Wade Penn State (MSU Open) 4-1WON D, Nico Somers Franklin & Marshall (MSU Open) 3-1WON D, David Wade E. Michigan (MSU Open) 4-1LOST D, #12 Rashard Goff Cleveland St. (MSU Open) 3-4WON D, Rob Arnett Wabash 6-0WON PIN, Jordan Cox Manchester 2:30WON D, Andy Hartshorn Ohio (Hoosier Duals) 2-0LOST D, Jason Stripling S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 1-3LOST PIN, Dominick Russo Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 5:37LOST D, Patrick Walker Liberty (Hoosier Duals) 3-4WON TF, Jaron Singley Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 17-1WON PIN, Cody Jamgaand Dickinson St. (Vegas Open) 1:54LOST D, #19 Benjamn Berhow Minnesota (Vegas Open) 2-3WON D, Sam Zylstra Boise St. (Vegas Open) 4-2WON D, Charlie Alexander Western St. (Vegas Open) 4-0LOST D, #15 Dustin Rogers West Virginia (Vegas Open) 4-7WON D, Wesley Schroeder E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 8-3WON won by forfeit Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) FFWON D, Jon Schmidt UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 3-0WON MD, Cody Sliger Chattanooga (Midlands) 11-1WON D, Ed Bordas Rider (Midlands) 3-2LOST PIN, #6 Zach Sheaffer Pittsburgh (Midlands) 3:59LOST D, Mike Tamillow Wildcat WC (Midlands) 7-13LOST D, #3 David Zabriskie Iowa State (National Duals) 1-3LOST D, #6 Kyle Massey Wisconsin (National Duals) 0-5WON D, #11 Dustin Porter Gardner-Webb (IU Quad) 2-1LOST D, Quinton Pruett American (IU Quad) 2-3WON PIN, Quintas McCorkle Clarion (IU Quad) 4:31


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

Nick Averyr-Sophom*ore, 174 lbs. Season record: 6-7Career record: 14-14Foxboro, Mass.Foxboro

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Don Funk E. Michigan (EMU Open) 5-2WON D, Eric Van Patten Brockport (EMU Open) 10-8LOST MD, #11 Mike Letts Maryland (EMU Open) 0-10WON FF, Mike Billings Navy (EMU Open) FFLOST MD, Ben Bennett C. Michgian (MSU Open) 0-11WON D, Don Funk E. Michigan (MSU Open) 7-4LOST D, Nate Graham Bloomsburg (MSU Open) 1-2WON D, Tony Martin unattached (Mizzou Open) 4-2LOST D, Ben Friedl Illinois (Mizzou Open) 5-6LOST PIN, Dean Schultz Truman (Mizzou Open) 2:48WON D, Kyle Stygler Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 6-1LOST D, Travis Piccard unattached (Midlands) 4-6LOST D, #16 Rex Kendle Michigan State (Midlands) 0-4

MATCH-BY-MATCH RESULTSGino Capezio*Freshman, 133 lbs.Season record: 12-8 (2 pins)Career record: 12-8 (2 pins)Carol Stream, Ill.Glenbard North

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeLOST D, TJ Sobeck GrandValley St. (EMU Open F/S) 5-6WON MD, Wes Dadosky Mt. St. Joseph’s (EMU Open F/S) 10-1WON D, Ryan Fallot Brockport (EMU Open F/S) 7-4WON PIN, James Cutler Muskegon CC (EMU Open F/S) 6:43WON D, John Herbert Michigan St. (EMU Open F/S) 10-4LOST D, Grant Ankney Michigan St. (EMU Open F/S) 4-5WON MD, Heath Allen Ohio (MSU Open F/S) 11-0LOST D, Eric Galka Northwestern (MSU Open F/S) 4-6LOST MD, Sean Collins Kent St. (MSU Open F/S) 10-19LOST D, Tyler Crane Missouri (Mizzou Open F/S) 1-3WON TF, Ben Johnson C. Oklahoma (Mizzou Open F/S) 15-0WON D, George Malone Lincoln (Mizzou Open F/S) 8-2WON D, Dillon Pousson SIU-E (Mizzou Open F/S) 9-6LOST D, Eric Ellington Rend Lake (Mizzou Open F/S) 5-9LOST D, Zach Donofrio E. Michigan (CSU Open) 6-11LOST D, Nick Viterisi Indiana (CSU Open) 1-4WON MD, Mike Rosselli Clarion (Kent St. Open) 13-3WON PIN, Pat Zamaria Ohio State (Kent St. Open) --WON D, John Keller Cleveland St. (Kent St. Open) 5-4WON D, Brock Livorio Virginia Tech (Kent St. Open) 3-2

Chandler Coffey*Freshman, 184 lbs.Season record: 3-2 (1 pin)Career record: 3-2 (1 pin)Nashville, Ind.Brown County

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Travis Stanback E. Michigan (CSU Open) 4-1LOST D, Aaron Winemiller Limestone (CSU Open) 1-4WON PIN, Brian Driscoll Ohio (CSU Open) 2:43WON D, Justin Bertolone Notre Dame College (CSU Open) 5-0LOST PIN, Casey Newburg Kent St. (CSU Open) 2:05

Nick Cook*Freshman, HeavyweightSeason record: 9-1 (2 pins)Career record: 9-1 (2 pins) Warrenton, Va.Fauquier

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Tyler Lathon Manchester (MSU Open F/S) 2:59WON D, Andy Hartshorn Ohio (MSU Open F/S) 4-1WON D, Kenyon Ellison C. Michigan (MSU Open F/S) 5-3WON D, William McCormick Bucknell (MSU Open F/S) 8-1WON D, Ben Apland Michigan (MSU Open F/S) 3-2WON D, Chris Spaulding Meramac (Mizzou Open F/S) 8-4WON PIN, Brandon Hayes C. Missouri (Mizzou Open F/S) 4:50LOST D, Jordan Enck Hofstra (Mizzou Open F/S) 0-4WON D, Michael Johnson MVC (Mizzou Open F/S) 6-0WON D, Patrick Walker Illinois (Mizzou Open F/S) 6-2

* all matches unattached


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

MATCH-BY-MATCH RESULTSWesley Fiker-Junior, 125 lbs.Season record: 4-6 (4 pins)Career record: 8-17 (5 pins) South Bend, Ind.Penn

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Eric Caschera Penn State (MSU Open) 6:25LOST TF, #20 Brad Pataky Penn State (MSU Open) 0-15WON PIN, Adam Draves E. Michigan (MSU Open) 0:39LOST PIN, Chris Albright Pittsburgh (MSU Open) 3:57WON PIN, P.J. Martinez Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 5:41WON PIN, Nick Maestas N. Mex. Highlands (Vegas Open) 3:42LOST PIN, #7 Anthony Robles Arizona St. (Vegas Open) 0:32LOST MD, Taylor Cummings NC State (Vegas Open) 1-13LOST MD, Jay Ivanco Clarion (Midlands) 0-8LOST PIN, Curtis Schurkamp San Francisco St. (Midlands) 3:41

Ryan Konz*Freshman, 149 lbs.Season record: 10-5 (2 pins)Career record: 10-5 (2 pins) Franklin, Tenn.Franklin

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Shawn Mazzarone Maryland (EMU Open F/S) 7-2LOST D, Phil Khozien Michigan St. (EMU Open F/S) 3-6WON D, Chris Kline Ohio (EMU Open F/S) 6-3WON D, Kyle Ulrey unattached (EMU Open F/S) 5-2WON D, Alex Ortman E. Michigan (EMU Open F/S) 4-3WON PIN, Danny Bichner Maryland (EMU Open F/S) 4:12WON PIN, Austin Kunze Penn H.S. (MSU Open F/S) 3:57LOST D, Alex Ortman E. Michigan (MSU Open F/S) 4-11WON MD, Robert Chizmadia Edinboro (MSU Open F/S) 13-3WON D, Phil Khozien Michigan St. (MSU Open F/S) 7-5WON D, Devin Milheim unattached (MSU Open F/S) 8-6LOST D, Derek Brenon unattached (MSU Open F/S) 8-13WON D, Ryan Medved Gardner-Webb (Kent St. Open) 5-2LOST MD, Jared Kusar Ohio State (Kent St. Open) 3-11LOST D, Mallie Shuster Kent State (Kent St. Open) 3-8

Justin KuhnJunior, 197 lbs.Season record: 11-8 (2 pins)Career record: 26-22 (7 pins)Indianapolis, Ind.North Central

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Eric Shaw Bloomsburg (MSU Open) 2-0LOST D, John Weakley Ohio State (MSU Open) 2-6WON D, Andrew Haile Penn State (MSU Open) 3-2LOST D, Andy Zalaiskains Findlay (MSU Open) 4-6WON Forfeit Wabash FFWON PIN, Tyler Lathon Manchester 2:35WON TF, Jermey Swier S. Dakota St. (Hoosier Duals) 17-0WON D, Karim Mahmoud Rutgers (Hoosier Duals) 7-2LOST PIN, Mike Blackwell Kent St. (CSU Open) 6:43WON FF, Keith Witt Kent St. (CSU Open) FFWON PIN, Mike Bradley Cleveland St. (CSU Open) 0:53WON D, Nick Anthony Cleveland St. (CSU Open) 9-8LOST PIN, Jesse Strawn Old Dominion (CSU Open) 5:42WON D, John McClure E. Michigan (F.I.T.E. Duals) 3-1WON won by forfeit Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) FFLOST D, Eric Simaz C. Michigan (Midlands) 2-6LOST PIN, Jake Cranford Arizona St. (Midlands) 1:40LOST MD, #3 Jake Varner Iowa State (National Duals) 0-9LOST D, #2 Dallas Herbst Wisconsin (National Duals) 0-5

George MaloneFreshman, 197 lbs.Season record: 13-10 (7 pins)Career record: 13-10 (7 pins)South Bend, Ind.Riley

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON PIN, Tony Sitar Maryland (EMU Open F/S) 2:28WON D, Zach Pummill E. Michigan (EMU Open F/S) 10-4WON D, Joel Vallier Michigan (EMU Open F/S) 4-3LOST D, Dylan Wrage Ohio (EMU Open F/S) 0-4WON PIN, Dominic Lochricio Oakland (MSU Open F/S) 1:03WON MD, Nick Anthony Cleveland St. (MSU Open F/S) 11-3WON D, Chris Iammarino Ohio (MSU Open F/S) 3-1LOST PIN, Keith Witt Kent St. (MSU Open F/S) 1:20LOST D, Jay Hahn Bucknell (MSU Open F/S) 6-10WON FF, Michael Byrd Mott CC (MSU Open F/S) FFWON PIN, Cody Ford unattached (Mizzou Open F/S) 1:08WON PIN, Jesus Abrego MVC (Mizzou Open F/S) 2:28WON D, Zach Hayes Truman (Mizzou Open F/S) 5-1LOST D, Niko Brown Chattanooga (Mizzou Open F/S) 2-7LOST D, Tyson Yoder Oklahoma St. (Mizzou Open F/S) 5-10LOST D, Robert Nusekabel Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 6-12LOST D, AJ Hunte Pittsburgh (CSU Open) 2-4LOST PIN, Zach Pummil E. Michigan (CSU Open) 1:57LOST D, Erich Smith Michigan (Kent St. Open) 3-8WON PIN, Tim Miller Virginia Tech (Kent St. Open) 2:42WON PIN, Zach Pummill E. Michigan (Kent St. Open) 1:41LOST PIN, David Pisarcik Purdue (Kent St. Open) 2:33WON PIN, Daren Brown Penn State (Kent St. Open) --

* all matches unattached


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

MATCH-BY-MATCH RESULTSDanny Monaco*Freshman, 141 lbs.Season record: 13-4 (1 pin) Career record: 13-4 (1 pin)Carol Stream, Ill.Glenbard North

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Douglas Meyer Mt. St. Joseph’s (EMU Open F/S) 10-5WON MD, Cody Toney Ashland (EMU Open F/S) 9-1WON D, Nic Bara Ashland (EMU Open F/S) 6-1WON D, Dan Genetin Ashland (EMU Open F/S) 9-3WON D, Deven Brown Muskegon CC (MSU Open F/S) 7-4WON PIN, Adam Healey Bucknell (MSU Open F/S) 0:09LOST D, Brennan Brumley Old Dominion (MSU Open F/S) 0-4WON D, David Pienaar E. Michigan (CSU Open) 7-2WON FF, David Cheza Ohio (CSU Open) FFWON D, Richie Clark Mt. Union (CSU Open) 6-1LOST D, Donnie Corby C. Michigan (CSU Open) 6-13WON D, Justin Chrzanowski Michigan (Kent St. Open) 5-2LOST D, John Regan unattached (Kent St. Open) 5-7WON D, Dan Castillo Cleveland St. (Kent St. Open) 8-3WON D, Kory Bisset Edinboro (Kent St. Open) 10-4LOST D, Nick Murray Virginia Tech (Kent St. Open) 3-8WON D, John Regan unattached (Kent St. Open) 9-6

Seth Parkerr-Junior, 174 lbs.Season record: 6-2 (2 pins)Career record: 8-3 (3 pins)Lafayette, Ind.Harrison

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeLOST MD, Derek Foore E. Michigan (MSU Open) 2-15WON FF, Alek Hughes Cleveland State (MSU Open) FFWON PIN, Erich Smith Michigan (MSU Open) 5:17WON D, Joe Degaravilla Virginia (MSU Open) 7-2WON PIN, Derek Foore E. Michigan (MSU Open) 6:47LOST D, Eric Cameron Indiana (MSU Open) 0-3LOST MD, Hiram Smith Findlay (MSU Open) 1-9WON D, Bryan Hugo Wabash 6-3WON D, Damion Stephenson Cumberlands (Hoosier Duals) 4-2

Vince Ramos*Freshman, 149 lbs.Season record: 10-2 (2 pins)Career record: 10-2 (2 pins) Carol Stream, Ill.Glenbard North

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeLOST D, Keaton Thompson unattached (MSU Open F/S) 4-9WON D, Rudy Hendon Ohio (MSU Open F/S) 5-2WON D, Drew Leonard Kent St. (MSU Open F/S) 3-2WON MD, Zach Nelson Ohio (MSU Open F/S) 11-3WON D, Dave Ebbott Virginia (MSU Open F/S) 3-1WON PIN, David Cheza Michigan State (MSU Open F/S) 1:36WON D, Zachery Shaw Muskegon CC (MSU Open F/S) 6-4WON MD, Dillon Guhrs McKendree (Mizzou Open F/S) 12-3WON D, Matt Bryan C. Oklahoma (Mizzou Open F/S) 3-2WON D, Andrai Hill MVC (Mizzou Open F/S) 3-2WON PIN, Tyler St. Louis N. Carolina (Mizzou Open F/S) 8:59LOST D, Ryan Jahn McKendree (Mizzou Open F/S) 3-4

Cooper Samuels*Freshman, 165 lbs.Season record: 10-7 (1 pin)Career record: 10-7 (1 pin)Floyds Knobs, Ind.Floyd Central

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, David Johnson Muskegon CC (MSU Open F/S) 8-5LOST D, Tommy Weinkam Ohio (MSU Open F/S) 0-3WON D, Anthony Bongarzone Fr. & Marshall (MSU Open F/S) 6-5WON MD, Jacob Donley Kent St. (MSU Open F/S) 8-0WON D, Steve Wilson Ohio (MSU Open F/S) 8-5LOST D, James Myers Kent St. (MSU Open F/S) 4-5WON MD, Willie Ressel C. Missouri (Mizzou Open F/S) 16-5LOST D, Dan Stelter Illinois (Mizzou Open F/S) 0-2LOST MD, Blake Reed SIU-E (Mizzou Open F/S) 1-9WON MD, Matt Gregg Duquesne (CSU Open) 9-0WON D, Alex Badovic Notre Dame College (CSU Open) 8-2LOST D, Aric Thurn Cleveland St. (CSU Open) 4-8LOST MD, Kyle Keane Pitt Johnstown (CSU Open) 1-9WON PIN, Hunter Pool Ashland (Kent St. Open) 2:36WON PIN, Cody Dieckman Kent State (Kent St. Open) 2:26WON D, Ross Ambrose Ohio State (Kent St. Open) 5-4LOST PIN, AJ Agazarm Ohio State (Kent St. Open) 2:06

* all matches unattached


IndIana WRESTLInG vs. Penn State • Jan. 23

MATCH-BY-MATCH RESULTSKyle SamuelsSenior, 165 lbs.Season record: 2-3 Career record: 5-10 (1 pin)Floyds Knobs, Ind.Floyd Central

Chris Tanner*Freshman, 125 lbs.Season record: 1-6 Career record: 1-6Oscola, Ind.Penn

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeLOST PIN, Prescott Garner Navy (EMU Open) 2:22LOST PIN, Matt Fields Purdue (EMU Open) 3:32LOST D, Tim Silvers Ohio (MSU Open) 0-4WON FF, Jon Murray Grand Valley St. (MSU Open) FFLOST D, Taylan Knobloch Allegan (MSU Open) 1-4LOST D, Nick Rice C. Oklahoma (Mizzou Open F/S) 2-4LOST D, Kaz Hastimoto Truman (Mizzou Open F/S) 2-5

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeLOST D, Sli Bostelman Kent State (MSU Open) 5-7WON MD, John Waters C. Michigan (MSU Open) 10-2LOST MD, Justin Shannon Findlay (MSU Open) 2-12WON D, Jordan Bakley Harper (F.I.T.E. Duals) 5-0LOST MD, Patrick Nagel UW-Whitewater (F.I.T.E. Duals) 1-10

Nick Viterisi*Freshman, 141 lbs.Season record: 14-11 (2 pins)Career record: 14-11 (2 pins) Bloomington, Ind.Bloomington South

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON D, Garrett Lay Ashland (EMU Open F/S) 5-0LOST D, Tommy Churchard Purdue (EMU Open F/S) 2-3WON D, Ian Martin Grand Valley St. (EMU Open F/S) 6-1LOST D, Derek Valenti Virginia (EMU Open F/S) 5-6WON TF, Cory Gray Muskegon CC (MSU Open F/S) 15-0LOST D, Josh Falk Findlay (MSU Open F/S) 6-10LOST D, Collin Dozier Michigan st. (MSU Open F/S) 0-2WON PIN, Andrew Yalcintas C. Oklahoma (Mizzou Open F/S) 3:59WON D, Demond Carter Lincoln (Mizzou Open F/S) 4-3LOST D, Nick Hucke Missouri (Mizzou Open F/S) 0-4LOST D, James Maus Truman (Mizzou Open F/S) 5-8WON PIN, Cody Gillenwater C. Missouri (Mizzou Open F/S) 4:05WON D, Boomer Fetchko Heidelberg (CSU Open) 5-3LOST MD, Mike Mencini Cleveland St. (CSU Open) 3-17WON D, Geno Capezio Indiana (CSU Open) 4-1WON D, James Henderson Mercyhurst (CSU Open) 10-4WON MD, Victor Konno Pittsburgh (CSU Open) 10-2LOST D, Brennan Brumley Old Dominion (CSU Open) 3-5WON MD, Christian fa*gan Pittsburgh (Kent St. Open) 12-1WON D, Sean Collins Kent State (Kent St. Open) 2-1LOST D, Eric Albright Pittsburgh (Kent St. Open) 5-10WON D, Aaron Ely Edinboro (Kent St. Open) 5-0WON D, Josh Speelman Ohio (Kent St. Open) 9-3LOST PIN, David Pienaar E. Michigan (Kent St. Open) 2:19LOST D, Mike Mencini Cleveland St. (Kent St. Open) 6-8

Alex Warrenr-Sophom*ore, 149 lbs.Season record: 10-8 (4 pins) Career record: 15-15 (5 pins)Mooresville, Ind.Mooresville

W/L Result, Opponent Team (Event) Score/TimeWON MD, Antonio Nicholson Cleveland St. (EMU Open) 14-6LOST D, Tim hammer Michigan St. (EMU Open) 5-6WON D, Mark Webber Michigan (EMU Open) 7-4WON FF, Don Tasser Pittsburgh (EMU Open) FFLOST TF, Jake Patacsil Purdue (EMU Open) 0-16WON PIN, Jacob Johnson Michigan (EMU Open) 4:01WON PIN, Pete Ferrarra Virginia (MSU Open) 4:00LOST D, Nick Walpole Indiana (MSU Open) 1-5LOST D, Kevin Levalley Bucknell (MSU Open) 0-2WON TF, Jared Tribbet Wabash 18-0WON PIN, Clint Fisher Manchester 1:04WON D, Korey Bissett Edinboro (CSU Open) 4-3LOST D, Ryan Cubberly C. Michigan (CSU Open) 1-4WON D, Colin Zoski Old Dominion (CSU Open) 6-1LOST D, Marcel Clopton Kent St. (CSU Open) 4-6LOST TF, #17 Heinrich Barnes Oregon State (Midlands) 1-16WON PIN, Antonio Nicholson Cleveland St. (Midlands) 4:28LOST D, Mark Powell Pittsburgh (Midlands) 2-3

* all matches unattached

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