The Ultimate 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up (2024)

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This 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up is FULL of veggies most meals! If you are a FIXer who has recently converted to the 2B Mindset Nutrition Plan, never fear – you can still enjoy SO many of your favorite FIXed dishes! Here’s a bunch to get you started!This post contains affiliate links for products I’m obsessed with.

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The Ultimate 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up (1)

Veggies Most Dinners

The Ultimate 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up (2)

Shrimp with Zoodles– fill your plate with zoodles and tomatoes and top with delicious shrimp!

Low Carb Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole–so many veggies, but the cheese sauce is the REAL star!!

One Skillet Caprese Chicken– make this with Spaghetti Squash or Cauliflower Rice

Beef and Broccoli orChicken and Broccoli –serve either of these dinners with cauliflower rice for extra yumminess!

No-Mayo Mediterranean Tuna Salad (The Foodie and The Fix)– SO GOOD in lettuce wraps or over a salad. You could also use it as a dip for bell peppers, too!

Instant Pot Beanless Beef Chili {Paleo/Whole 30 Friendly} – wanteven more veggies? Wilt some baby spinach into your bowl! PS – this is my FAV chili recipe!

Balsamic Chicken and Zucchini Skewers – you will fall in love with this marinade. Add even more zucchini and onions to your skewers! Yum!

Instant Pot Beef Bolognese with Spaghetti Squash – fill your bowl with Spaghetti Squash use Parmesan Cheese as an accessory!

Pad Thai Zoodles – one of my favorite dinners! You won’t even miss the noodles!

Lemon Garlic Sheet Pan Dinner (Carrie Elle)–roast everything together on the same pan! Genius!

Baked Asian Tilapia Stir Fry (The Foodie and The Fix) – serve this easy dinner with cauliflower rice for extra veggie power!

Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese and Citrus Maple Dijon – fill your plate with lots of greens and top with this delicious Turkey Burger! Enjoy the homemade dressing and goat cheese accessories!

Sausage and Cauliflower Casserole –you can easily up the veggies in this casserole by adding in extra spinach or kale or serving this meal with a side salad!

Greek Spaghetti Squash Boats – you can eat HALF of a spaghetti squash for this dinner! Just go easy on the accessories…both the feta and the olives would count for this, so I would a T of each.

Instant Pot Shrimp and Spaghetti Squash Fra Diavlo (The Foodie and The Fix) –so much flavor in thiseasy dinner.

One Skillet Lazy Zucchini Lasagna – to make this veggies most, reduce the amount of sausage or even eliminate it and use low fat mozzarella so it counts as a protein.

Mini Bell Pepper Nachos – Ilana loves using mini bell peppers as chips – just like in this low carb nacho dish!

Simple Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce – so simple to make in either your crock pot or Instant Pot.

Cheesy Zucchini Mexican Skillet – you can easily double the veggies in this delicious, low carb meal! Reduce the cheese or use low fat!

21 Day Fix Simple Stir Fry with Chicken and Veggies – fill your pan with all your favorite stir fry veggies for one yummy and filling meal!

Delicious Veggie-Filled Sides/Salads/Sauces/Soups

The Ultimate 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up (3)

Chicken Veggie Soup {Stovetop, Instant Pot, Slow Cooker )- I LOVE this soup all year, but especially in the summer.

Mini Zucchini Pizzas – if you use low fat mozzarella, you can actually count the cheese as a protein! Otherwise use a small amount of full fat or even parmesan as an accessory.

Crispy Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Parmesan, and Balsamic – my absolute fav veggie side dish.

Cauliflower Rice with Lime and Cilantro–amazing for burrito bowls and taco salads, or as a side for your favorite protein!

Rainbow Veggie Kabobs (Carrie Elle) – I could eat these every day!

Creamy Coleslaw (The Foodie and The Fix) – This coleslaw is a million times better than the unhealthy version…truth!

Ramen Noodle Salad – the perfect 2B Mindset lunch – just add some diced chicken or shrimp.

Harvest Salad Bites with Honey Goat Cheese-endive is a great way to serve up all sorts of salads and proteins.

Low Carb Cauliflower Hash Browns-this would be a great “extra credit” breakfast item with a runny egg and a side of fruit.

Kung Pao Cauliflower– you won’t want to eat cauliflower any other way!

Simple Spinach Pesto – there’s 1 cup of veggies in just 1/4 cup of this delicious pesto!

Homemade Tomato Sauce – my grandma’s recipe! Tomato sauce is an accessory on 2B Mindset, but this is also full of veggies. Make a double batch and store in your freezer so you never have to buy a jar of sauce again!

Zucchini Soup with Jumbo Lump Crab (Instant Pot Option –I love this with and without the crab!

Perfectly Portioned Proteins for Plate-It – make these proteins for 25% of your lunch or dinner!

The Ultimate 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up (4)

Easy Lemon Chicken– so yummy with steamed broccoli.

Baked Garlic Lemon Chicken –perfect for meal prep – I love this leftover in salads!

Cilantro Lime Drumsticks (My Crazy Good Life) – drumsticks are A-Ok on 2B Mindset!

Asian Chicken– check out my one-pot directions for a perfectly portioned and prepped ahead lunch.

Instant Pot Maple BBQ Chicken (Slow Cooker Option)– great with broccoli slaw or Cole slaw

Honey Glazed Salmon– delicious with some cilantro lime cauliflower rice.

Southwestern Pork Tenderloin (The Foodie and The Fix)– great wraps, on a salad, or in a taco!

Asian Pork Tenderloin – I made this with spaghetti squash noodles – DELISH!

21 Day Fix Instant Pot Balsamic Pork Tenderloin– great with steamed green beans or asparagus.

Italian Pork Chops– quick and easy protein for your busy nights!

The Ultimate 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up (5)

The Ultimate 2B Mindset Recipe Round Up (2024)
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