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Looking for U-Haul hitch installation?

If you purchased a vehicle and have now discovered that you need a trailer hitch, you are in luck. It has never been easier to get the parts and have a trailer hitch installed.

There are plenty of locations available that offer the service, so you can shop around and find what is best for you.

U-Haul is one of the nation’s best locations for trailer hitch installation. They specialize in all things trailers, so they offer installation services, part repair, instructional videos, and more.

All hitches sold and installed at a U-Haul Center come with a lifetime warranty plan that guarantees your hitch will be replaced without restriction in case of damage, including collisions, corrosion, accidental overloading, and vehicle theft.

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Why Choose U-Haul Hitch Installation

U-Haul is one of the best companies for hitch installation. They have thousands of locations nationwide, so you will not have to search forever just to find a U-Haul location.

Their primary expertise is in trailers, so they will always use high-quality parts. They also know the best way to attach hitches to your vehicle to maximize your safety and towing capacity.

If you tell them the make and model of your car, they will find the best hitches and parts that are compatible with your vehicle. This can save you tons of time and hassle.

“They offer parts from the leaders in trailer hitch manufacturing. U-Haul provides excellent service, and they have excellent warranties, so you can drive with added peace of mind. U-Haul also offers excellent prices.”

U-Haul also has cargo carriers and towing accessories, so you can maximize your towing experience while staying within your desired budget.

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U-Haul Hitch Installation Cost

U-Haul has some of the best prices available for trailer hitch installation. In general, it costs between 100 and 150 dollars to have a trailer hitch installed at U-Haul. This does not include the cost of the hitch itself and any other necessary parts or accessories.

Those items may cost between 300 and 500 additional dollars.

This is one of the most competitive prices available. Many places will take longer and charge per hour, thus racking up the cost of the installation.

When planning for the cost at U-Haul, you can always call your location and ask for a quote. This can help with planning as some vehicles will require hitches that are more difficult to attach.

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U-Haul Hitch Installation Time

Most of U-Haul’s trailer hitch installations take between one and two hours. This is part of the reason for their relatively low cost. Many dealerships will take between four and eight hours for similar work, and those labor costs add up.

If you are concerned that the installation of your vehicle may be difficult, you can always call and ask for a time estimate.

Vehicles that require cutting of the bumper and welding in order to add a trailer hitch may take a little extra time.

Tow Hitch Installation

A tow hitch, trailer hitch, or receiver hitch, allows you to hook a trailer to your vehicle for towing. It includes a reinforced receiver that can accept a certain size draw bar, and each one is rated for a specific weight class.

The hitch you choose will have a towing class that corresponds with your vehicle’s towing capabilities, so that’s the most important thing to know before deciding on a trailer hitch.

You should never haul anything that exceeds the towing capacity of your tow hitch or your vehicle.

How To Install a Trailer Hitch >> Check out the video below:

Different Parts Required for the Installation


The receiver is the most significant part of the trailer hitch. It attaches near the rear bumper of the vehicle. Receivers are sold in different towing classes ranging from I to V.

The higher the class, the greater the amount of weight the receiver is capable of towing. Most vehicles used to tow boats, campers, and utility trailers can handle up to a class III trailer.

There are a wide variety of brands and styles available, and you will need to confirm with U-Haul to make sure the style you choose is compatible with your vehicle.

Also, be sure to make sure the weight capacity of your trailer hitch receiver is compatible with the towing capacity of your vehicle.

Towing too much weight can damage the engine and transmission of a vehicle. Working with the mechanics at U-Haul can help you make sure you are finding the right hitch for your vehicle’s specifications.

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These are some excellent trailer hitch receivers currently available at U-Haul. Though they may not all be listed on U-Haul’s site, U-Haul does offer all of these brands.

Look through them to get started with finding what will work best for you.

  • Reese Class III Trailer Hitch– This Class III Trailer hitch has a 2″ receiver tube opening. It is perfect for trucks, vans, and SUVs. The entire hitch is powder-coated to offer extra protection from the weather. It is rated up to 5000 pounds. The solid all-welded construction is sturdy and made to withstand pressure.
  • Curt Class III Multi-Fit Trailer Hitch– This trailer hitch also has a 2” receiver opening, which is standard for most class III trailers hitches. One of the greatest benefits of this hitch is its adaptability. It can fit multiple vehicles, so if there is not a custom hitch for you, you can still have options. On most vehicles, the installation is also easy as it does not usually require any drilling.
  • Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver Custom Fit– This Draw-Tite trailer hitch is available in custom-fit designs, so you can easily find the right trailer hitch for your vehicle. It is powder-coated for extra rust protection. This hitch exceeds industry standards, so it can be assured that it is strong, safe, and durable.

Ball Mount

The ball mount attaches to the receiver and is held in place with a pin and clip. The ball mount includes a shank, and it has a platform for the trailer ball.

Some ball mounts are sold in sets with the trailer balls, and some are sold separately.

If you are purchasing the ball mount and ball separately, make sure the shaft of the ball will fit in the ball mount.

You will also want to ensure that the ball mount is compatible with the receiver you have. Most class III receivers will provide a 2″ ball mount.

  • U-Haul PowerTow 2” Towing Starter Kit- This Class III Ball Mount includes a ball, so you can have everything you need to get started. It also consists of the pin and clip. The ball is pre-torqued and ready to go. U-Haul also claims to have more safety features than any other ball hitch.
  • Reese Adjustable Towing Ball Mount– This Reese adjustable towing ball mount has a gross towing weight capacity of 5000 pounds. It has a metal shield coating to prevent rust and corrosion. One of the best benefits of this ball mount is that it is adjustable. This means no matter what trailer you are towing, and you can enjoy a smooth, even ride.
  • Curt Manufacturing Loaded Ball Mount With Ball– Curt makes standard, high-quality products, and trailer hitch accessories. This ball mount comes with a ball included. It has a 6000-pound rating, which is exceptional for its size. The ball is chrome, and the ball mount is powder-coated.

Trailer Ball

The trailer ball attaches to the ball mount. It is the point where the trailer and the hitch connect. The ball shape allows for smoother and easier turns with a trailer.

Trailer balls come in varying sizes, with the most common being around 2” in diameter. Different sizes are rated for towing varying weights.

Make sure the trailer ball you select fits the trailer you plan to tow. If you plan on towing multiple trailers, it is wise to purchase multiple ball sizes. Most balls are 1-7/8”, 2”, or 2-5/16” in diameter.

  • Reese TowPower 7039800 Triple Ball Mount– If you know you will regularly be towing different sizes of trailers, this is a great option for you. It offers three different sizes of balls, already installed, so you simply need to rotate the ball mount when you need a different size. It is plated in black nickel and built to last.
    • The different balls have varying capacities. The carrying capacities range from 2000 to 10000 pounds, so always confirm the weight of your trailer when selecting which ball to use.
  • U-Haul Hitch Balls– U-Haul offers hitch balls in 1-7/8” diameter, 2” diameter, or 2-5/16” diameter. They are inexpensive, but they have everything you need in a good trailer ball. They include the industry-leading safety cotter pin. They also include a hardened flat washer.
  • Curt 2” Chrome Trailer Ball– This Curt trailer ball is made of steel and finished with chrome. The Chrome finish will help prevent rusting and scratching. It is rated for up to 10000 pounds of towing capacity. It uses a helical lock washer for mounting to keep it securely in place.

Hitch Pin

The hitch pin is one of the smallest yet most crucial pieces for a trailer hitch. It helps hold the ball mount in place and keep it from slipping out of the hitch receiver.

Most standard hitch pins are shaped like Ls. A hitch pin comes with a clip on the other side to securely lock it in place.

Hitch pins can come in different diameters, so it is important to make sure your hitch pin will fit with your ball mount. Some ball mounts are sold with the adequately sized hitch pin included, which can save you stress.

They are sold individually as well if you ever need a replacement.

  • U-Haul Hitch Pin and Clip– U-Haul sells standard hitch pins and clips for class I, class II, and class III trailer hitches. They feature the standard L shape, and they are easy to attach. The pin will keep it securely in place while you drive.
  • Reese Towpower 7006000 Chrome Plated Dual Bent Pin Receiver Lock– If you are concerned about the security of your trailer, this is the perfect hitch pin for you. It doubles as a receiver lock. The lock is easy to use and means that no one can steal your trailer without the key. It also includes a cap to prevent the lock from filling with dirt or rusting.
  • Curt 5/8” Hitch Pin Zinc with Rubber Grip– This hitch pin is easy to use and designed for accessibility. It is made of durable steel and coated in zinc to prevent rusting. The special feature of this hitch pin is the rubber grip that makes it easier to attach.

Trailer Coupler

The trailer coupler is located at the front of the trailer. There are different mount styles available. You will want to make sure to match the trailer coupler with the ball size you need.

  • Curt 2” Straight-Tongue Coupler with Posi-Lock– This Curt straight-tongue coupler is rated for 3500 pounds gross trailer weight. It is coated in zinc to prevent rusting and corrosion. It fits a 2″ wide channel and accepts 2″ diameter balls. If these sizes are not right for your trailer, Curt offers the same coupler in different sizes.
  • Reese TowPower Dual-Fit Trailer Coupler for 2” Ball – This Reese Dual-Fit trailer coupler is made of incredibly durable steel. It has a trigger handle, so it is easy to attach to the hitch. It also includes a tethered pin. It has a zinc finish for added durability and weather protection. It has a 3500 pound capacity.
  • U-Haul EZ Latch Trailer Coupler – This is one of the easiest trailer couplers to attach to a ball. As soon as it fits onto the ball, it latches into place. This takes the guesswork out of safely connecting to trailer hitches. It fits a 2″ ball size. It is also made of steel and coated with zinc for added protection.

Different Trailer Hitch Classes

The hitch class comparison chart shows the trailer hitch classes and the receiver size:

Hitch ClassApplicationsReceiver SizeGTW Capacity (lbs.)TW Capacity (lbs.)
Class 1Cars and crossovers1-1/4-inchUp to 2,000Up to 200
Class 2Cars, crossovers and minivans1-1/4-inchUp to 3,500Up to 350
Class 3Crossovers, vans, SUVs and trucks2-inchUp to 8,000Up to 800
Class 4Trucks and SUVs2-inchUp to 10,000Up to 1,000
Class 5 – Xtra DutyTrucks and SUVs2-inch16,000 to 17,0002,400 to 2,550
Class 5 – Commercial DutyDually and chassis cab trucks2-1/2-inch18,000 to 20,0002,700

Safety Chains

Safety chains are crucial because they will keep you safe if anything fails on your trailer hitch. You will need to make sure your safety chains are rated strong enough to hold the weight of your trailer loaded up with all of your gear.

Safety chains hook to the trailer hitch and the trailer. There are fancy options available that will lock in place for added security. You can also find simple options available for easy attaching and detaching.

Another essential thing to remember is, while you may be sure your trailer is secure thanks to your spectacular hitch, you still need to have safety chains to legally tow a trailer. On top of that, it is just smart to use them.

  • Reese TowPower 74059 72” Safety Chain– This Reese safety chain has a 5000 pound capacity. It also locks onto the hitch and trailer, so you do not need to worry about your hooks coming detached during the drive. The chain is 72″ long and thus great for trailers with long tongues. The safety chains are finished in zinc and weather-resistant. These are great safety chains for most trailers.
  • Curt 48” Safety Chain with 2 S-Hooks– This Curt safety chain features the standard S-hook design. The chain has a minimum break force of 5000 pounds. It is protected with a zinc coating. As with most Curt products, this safety chain has a limited lifetime warranty. Curt always prioritizes safety, so you can be sure this safety chain is top-quality.
  • TowSmart 40” Safety Chain– This TowSmart safety chain is built with durability and longevity in mind. The pack includes two safety chains, so you will not need to purchase two packages for your trailer. The chains have a zinc coating. The chains also feature a 5000 pound capacity, which should be great for most trailers.

Trailer Wiring Harness

A trailer wiring harness is a crucial piece for legally driving your trailer in most places. If you plan on going your trailer on the road at all (even between off-roading locations), you will need a wiring harness.

The purpose of the trailer wiring harness is to connect the electronics of your vehicle to your trailer. It means that when you turn on the turn signal of your vehicle, the turn signal on your trailer will also light, alerting drivers around you.

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Make sure the style of connection offered with your trailer wiring harness will work with both your vehicle and the trailer.

  • Curt Taillight Converter- This Curt taillight converter is an excellent wiring choice for your trailer. It is circuit-protected, and it features Curt’s usual standard of impeccable quality.
  • Hopkins 4 Flat Trailer Y Wiring Harness 20– This wiring harness is 20 feet long, giving you plenty of room for the connections needed with your trailer. It features a Y shape, so you can run wires down the passenger’s and driver’s side of the trailer without needing to deal with the frustrating task of splicing.
  • Miady 25ft Trailer Wiring Harness with 4 Flat Connectors– This Miady 25ft trailer wiring harness has extra length that most wiring harnesses do not. It features a wishbone-style setup, which is easier to install. It is also versatile and can be used with many different kinds of trailers.

Is Wiring Needed for a Trailer

To safely and legally drive with a trailer, you will need wiring for lights. In most states, trailers need to have three different kinds of lights. You will need to have turn signals, brake lights, and a light to illuminate the license plate.

In some states, trailers below a certain weight do not need license plates to take on the road. In those states, you will not need the light to highlight the license plate. You will, however, still need the other taillights.

The wiring may be attached through the trailer hitch or separately. U-Haul can connect the wiring harness for you when they install the rest of your trailer.

The installation does not take long. Plus, you do not need to deal with the wiring of everything yourself, which makes U-Haul’s service particularly appealing.

What Brands of Hitch are Available?

U-Haul uses the most trusted names in trailer hitch production for their hitches, so you can drive knowing you have a significant hitch.

Many of these brands offer hitches specified for particular vehicles, and U-Haul can help you check compatibility. Other options from these brands include multi-fit hitches that can fit on multiple makes and models.


U-Haul makes many of their own hitches. These are easy to find designed specifically for your vehicle. The other benefit of going with U-Haul for your hitch is they can custom-make hitches for your vehicle.

Some vehicles do not have pre-made hitches, but having the flexibility of a U-Haul custom hitch is perfect.

You may need to drive to a special location to have this hitch designed for you, but they do have options if that is too much of a hassle for your schedule.

U-Haul trailers have great warranties, and the installation process is quick and easy.


Curt is one of the premier manufacturers of trailer hitches. Their work is exceptional and thorough. All of their hitches have finishes to help increase their durability.

Curt also offers multi-fit hitches that are accessible for a variety of vehicles. They also offer various mounting options, including welding and no-weld options.

Most U-Haul locations offer Curt hitches, so you can pick the right hitch for you without worry.

Curt also offers plenty of trailer accessories, so you can add everything you need to tow all of your gear.


Draw-Tite is another fantastic option for trailer hitches. They have been developing their system since 1946.

Draw-Tite has low-profile designs, so you can add a hitch without changing the entire look of your vehicle.

They offer fit guides, so you can find all of the right parts that will be compatible with your vehicle.

They also offer high-quality accessories like weight distribution hitches and cargo containers.


B;W prides its company on being American-made through and through. They have designed their warranties to be “neighbor-friendly,” which means they may cover part of the damage even if the mistake is your fault.

This family-geared business can give you peace of mind as you tow your boat, camper, or utility trailer.

B;W offers a huge selection of trailer hitch styles, so no matter the trailer you want to tow, B;W has something for you. If you love their hitches, they also decal stickers, hats, mugs, and more.


Reese specializes in heavy-duty trailer hitches. If you plan on doing a lot of off-roading, Reese is a great brand for you.

Their website is intuitive and easy-to-use, so you do not have to use dozens of filters and searches to find the right hitch for your vehicle.

Reese also offers ball mounts, specialty ball mounts, trailer couplers, and much more. You can find everything you need to get started all in one place.

Reese has great prices and quality products. Reese has multiple options available for most vehicles, so while shopping with one company, you can still have a wide variety to choose from.

Hidden Hitch

Hidden Hitch prides their company on the longevity of its products. It is a widely recognized name for tow hitches because the products are high-quality and quick to ship.

Hidden Hitch’s products are also very safe.

Hidden Hitch started in Canada and is hugely popular around most of North America. Hidden Hitch specializes in subtle designs that are also effective.

They offer a one-year minimum warranty, which is not as long as other companies, but Hidden Hitch promises that their hitches are built to last.

Tow Hitch Installation Near Me

U-Haul has over 1500 locations across the United States that are equipped to install your trailer hitch. This means there is almost certainly a U-Haul location near you.

You can find the nearest location and a hitch that will fit your vehicle on the U-haul website.

Pep Boys also has services for trailer hitch installation. They have fewer resources devoted to it, though. However, with Pep Boys, you do have a similar benefit to U-Haul in that they have hundreds of locations across the nation.

You can always go to the local dealer that sells the model of your car. Many dealerships offer trailer hitch installation services. Because they sell your car, they will have parts specifically designed for it.

Keep in mind, though, that the dealership is not usually the fastest nor cheapest option for trailer hitch installation. However, it is a guaranteed way to find a trailer hitch suited for your vehicle.

You can also install the trailer hitch yourself. While U-Haul offers trailer hitch installation services, they also offer plenty of resources for anyone looking to do the installation themselves.

Check out this video where U-Haul mechanics explain the installation process for a particular trailer hitch. U-Haul also has several pamphlets and training sections available to make sure you properly install your hitch.

If you are going to do the installation yourself, you will want to make sure you have all of the tools necessary beforehand.

The tools required can change based on which trailer hitch you buy. Some installations will require welding or drilling, and others will require only bolting.

When doing the installation yourself, always be sure to wear proper safety equipment and to complete the installation in a safe area.

Warranty of the Service Provider

U-Haul offers fantastic warranties. For as little as $5, you can get a lifetime warranty for most of the pieces with your trailer hitch installation.

This is incredible for adding to your peace of mind. U-Haul’s warranties are also convenient. Because U-Haul has so many locations, if you run into issues anywhere along your journey, you can get the help you need to get you back on the road.

There is no warranty when you install the trailer hitch yourself, but many of the part providers do offer a minimum of one year, up to limited lifetime warranties for the parts.

U-Haul Hitch Installation Review

U-Haul trailer hitch installation Review >> Check out the video below:



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